We start introducing the organizers of KARDO [6]! Meet the real heroes of HIP-HOP culture, presented in the sixth season in 4 directions at once: DJ-ING, GRAFFITI, BREAKING and of course directly HIP-HOP!

Organizer of the nomination DJ — DJ CHELL Konstantin Mikryukov ! Famous musician, turntablist, performer, teacher, finalist and winner of numerous scratch battles and competitions. IDA WORLD 2020 World Champion, multiple IDA RUSSIA CHAMP and DMC RUSSIA CHAMP Champion, WAX TRIBE IDA WORLD 2020 Show Category Winner.

Organizer of the nomination GRAFFITIRebel813 . An artist whose unique and creative style can be found both on the streets and in galleries. Rebel 813 strives to make a difference in the world through his art and organizing themed events that bring together street culture, music and art. Lords of underground, Das Efx, Jeru the Damaja, El da Sensei (Artifacts) have already taken part in his events.

Organizer of the nomination BREAKING — BBOY YAN Ian Ianov ! Representative of the legendary AllTheMost team, the Break Smart team, and the Green Panda team. Since the 90s, he has represented his style in more than 40 countries as a participant, judge, mentor. Organizer of the Break Smart international festival, creator of the Break Smart educational platform for breaking.

Organizer of the nomination HIP-HOP — Banzay BNZ Banzay Bonjah . Creator of dance companies PORCELAIN and Russian FarForYo. Performer, teacher and choreographer. Banzay is distinguished by his unique style, created at the intersection of taekwondo and various dance styles: from classical and folk dance to street dance.

All information about competitions and directions of KARDO [6] is already published on the main page of the site! Come and learn all about the mechanics of the new season!