Judges of nominations! Let's get to know them!

Judges are those people in KARDO [6]who are responsible for the selection of TOP-24, Top 6 of all the applications in the nominations, they are the ones who evaluate the skills of the participants!

Today we will present the judging team of the category EXTREME SPORT, which in the 6th season combined 3 directions: BMX, KICKSCOOTERING, SKATEBOARDING!

Works of participants in the nomination Kickscootering will be judged by: Ruslan Fatnev (Kazakhstan), Chema Cardenas (Mexico), Timur Mamatov (Russia)

Works of participants in the nomination BMX will be judged by: Ernur Atabaj (Kazakhstan), Фёдор Забалуев (Russia), Pavel Nikonov (Russia)

Works of participants in the nomination Skateboarding will be judged by: Alex Mizurov (Germany), Vladislav Pirogov (Russia), Anton Povekvechnov (Kazakhstan)

These are the leaders of the directions, the best experts from all over the world. We've established the level - now it's your turn!

Registration will last till May 1st.