Today we will tell you more about the online selection criteria within the block of the 6th season of KARDO.

So, 10 nominations:

  • breaking,
  • workout,
  • bmx,
  • dj-ing,
  • tricking,
  • graffiti,
  • hip-hop,
  • skateboarding,
  • parkour,
  • Kickscootering.

Participants of the Competition block: sportsmen, athletes, professionals and talents in the presented 10directions. And their main task at this stage is to show their skill.

Online selection is carried out on the basis of registration of participants and the competitive video uploaded in the personal account.
The main thing is that the video must be new, not previously used anywhere. Next, the focus is on demonstrating your skill as well as possible. And here are individual the requirements for each of 10directions.

For example, for parkour, the online selection criteria are:
— complexity
— technicality
— variety of elements
— connectivity of elements

For breaking:
— style and taste
— rhythm and musicality
— form, understanding the basics
— technique
— originality and creativity
— flow
— complexity
— purity.

Learn more about the online selection criteria for all nominations KARDO [6] — on the home page