We decided not to torment you with anticipation and tell you now what exactly to expect from the new KARDO season in terms of creativity and competition. So, this year 4 contests and 10 main nominations are waiting for you, within the framework of which an intense fight will unfold!


  • Video contest - a creative stage, within which TOP-100 and, further, TOP-30 are selected, who will go to the grand final to complete tasks in an offline format;
  • Competition — according to the results of video applications, TOP-24 is selected. Those who entered the long list shoot a video where they show their skill in all its glory. Those who make it to the TOP-6 will go to the festival to participate in the final battles. In parallel, qualifying stages are held in different countries and regions of Russia;
  • The press tour is a long journey around the country, during which our team will talk about the idea of the project, the meanings and tools for their broadcasting;
  • Award - We will select the TOP-3 nominees, we will award them for their contribution to the development of street culture and sports. And, of course, we will meet them at the grand final!


This year #Kardopeople смогут посоревноваться по 10 направлениям. И мы рады представить вам их список: BREAKING, WORKOUT, BMX, DJing, TRICKING, GRAFFITI, HIP-HOP, SKATEBOARDING, PARKOUR и KICKSCOOTERING.

Stay with us! Fresh news will appear very soon!