We'll tell you more about the features of the 6th season!


10 направлений: BREAKING, WORKOUT, BMX, DJing, TRICKING, GRAFFITI, HIP-HOP, SKATEBOARDING, PARKOUR, KICKSCOOTERING. В каждом — своя концепция баттлов, критерии оценки, но механика участия общая:

1. Registration until May 1: Participants film content that meets the online selection criteria so that judges can evaluate your skill.
2. Experts choose TOP-24 from all video applications, and then TOP-6, who receive "turnkey" tickets and finalist status, go to the grand final and lead the tournament bracket.

Registration of participants, acceptance of works and selection of TOP-24 will continue until May 1. The selection of TOP-6 will take place from May 22 to June 1.


Here, each participant will be able to demonstrate their vision of what street culture and sports look like! It is important that it is the video that is evaluated: editing, filming, graphics, color correction, etc. First, they choose the TOP-100, and the best TOP-30 get tickets to the grand final and shoot the final task.


We will select and award the best of the best, whose work has made a significant contribution to the development of street culture and sports. International monitoring of iconic figures will continue till May 10. Popular voting and selection of TOP-30 will be held from May 22 to July 22.


As part of a joint track of KARDO and Rosmolodez.Grants from Rosmolodez applications for the implementation and financing of important social projects that meet the theme of any nominations of the 6th season will be considered.
Applications will be accepted and considered from June 1 till July 15.

KARDO — a world of opportunities for street culture creators!