"Your Move" — live and create in Russia!


Student? Write your idea and get support for its implementation within the framework of the project "Your move"

About the project:

The main objective of the special project is to enable students to become co-authors of change, to bring new ideas and meanings to the development of their university, city, and even the whole country. Until December 2023, we will collect tens of thousands of ideas from students from all over Russia.

In the framework of the "Future League. Students" it is planned to conduct surveys of youth, interactive activities in social networks, discussions of projects and ideas, business workshops and master classes. Here everyone can change the environment around them! The main thing is not to be afraid to describe your idea on the project platform in the appropriate section.

All ideas submitted to the platform are manually reviewed by the employees of "Your Move", are sorted into three main groups: intra-university, urban and regional changes.

What should be done?

- register on the platform of the project «Your Move»

- fill out your profile

— apply in the section “League of the Future. Students” on changing and developing the student environment of their university, city and country (link)

The main directions of submitted ideas:

– about psychological relief and adaptation of students, mentoring

— organization of recreation areas in universities

- introduction of benefits / bonuses / additional points for admission to graduate school (this is especially noted by students of medical universities)

— creating communities, introducing common values for students and teachers

What can be obtained as a result?

TOP-10 ideas will be implemented under the guidance and support of "Your Move" employees

— The authors of TOP-30 ideas will receive a recommendation to the program of Individual Producing of the project "Your Move"

TOP-50 authors of the best ideas will be able to go to the final of the project "Your Move" and get an unforgettable experience of participating in a large-scale student event

– The most interesting and promising ideas will reach the Ministry of Science and Higher Education and the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs and will be taken into work

Let's change the world together!