Video contest is one of 4contests of KARDO in 6th season, in which participants will be able to demonstrate their vision of what street culture and sports look like!

Find the best tools - show the most important thing!

TOP-100 will receive a special task to create a short film. Best TOP-30 will go to the grand final and on the spot will perform the final task of shooting a short clip.

The winners will be determined and awarded according to the result of the task completed at the grand final August 17-20.

In the competition, there are all 10 nominations KARDO [6].

Registration of participants, acceptance of works and selection of TOP-100 will last till May 1.

About prizes.
10 winners (one for each nomination) will receive prizes in the amount of 100.000rub. One participant who received the most votes for the entire distance of the competition (starting from the selections) will become the owner of a grand prix of 150.000rub!

Go for it! Show your vision of street culture!