About us


The world of KARDO is full of possibilities for the people of the streets. Hundreds of stories and destinies are amazingly intertwined in it. And it's all possible because of you KARDO people!

Thanks to all those who create our world: participants, athletes, writers, tracers, riders, dancers, directorate, volunteers, ambassadors, organizers, judges and all the figures of the street who share common values and make our world a better place every day.




REGISTRATION until 01.05.2023
Submit the application form on the official website and upload the video to social media.
TOP-24 until May 22
You will face a fierce online battle against 24 skilled street figures in a tournament format. To succeed, you must impress and fight with all your might. Don't delay, give it your all.
Top 6 until June 22
All finalists will receive all-inclusive tickets to the Grand Final, where they will compete in legendary battles across 10 nominations.

Show your skills in each direction of the competition and make it to the Grand Final in the legendary battles and the largest street festival. Register for the competition and get through the results of the online selection to the TOP-24! According to the results of this selection stage, the TOP-6 contestants will receive an all-inclusive trip (meals, accommodation, travel) to the Grand Final in Stavropol!