Graffity in the world of KARDO is an opportunity to show your style, skills, share experiences and inspirations, and raise attention to street art.

KARDO promotes the development of street art culture, draws attention to the work of artists and creates opportunities for communication and interaction in the graffity community.


Graffity is street art that envelops literally everything: city walls, parks, underpasses and other public places. Graffity is most often used as a means of self-expression or protest.

Yeah, graffity is associated with a rebellious spirit and an expression of rejection to the system or societal norms. Many writers use their work to convey social or political messages, as well as to express their individual style, which is the main goal of every artist. Graffity can be a form of protest, activism, or simply a way to stand out from the gray masses. Graffity is cool.





  1. Self-expression. It's a street dialog with other cultural figures

  2. Street History. Putting our names in the history of the streets, of the KARDO, of the world

  3. Expanding the boundaries. Your style will be seen by a huge number of people from all over the world

  4. Style in every movement. Beautiful combinations of colors and shapes, dynamics, originality - it's all graffity

  5. Philosophy of the Streets. Put more style in the hardest to reach places for everyone to see.

  6. Opportunity to present yourself. This opportunity is yours and you can do it for the entire world