For tricking KARDO is an opportunity to make yourself known to the whole world, to show the best athletes of our direction and to familiarize everyone with our culture.

For KARDO tricking is the world level battles, where the finalists, by the level of mastery of their bodies and the audience, by the emotions in the stands are worthy of the Olympics.


Tricking is a fresh take on the boring and dangerous. Since the 90s, most martial arts movies and TV series have featured masters performing elements of tricking. Since the noughties, Tricking has been taking over video hosting and file sharing sites with the caption "What are these lunatics doing". Tricking could be seen in demonstrations and shows. And it is a separate, young, dynamically developing culture, uniting a huge number of people around the globe!

Originating among martial arts athletes, tricking quickly became an independent trend and attracted to its ranks all those who appreciate the beauty and complexity of movement, whether they are gymnasts or b-boys, capoeiristas or traceurs, students of Shaolin school of kung fu or taekwondo. 

The freedom of creativity, the honing of style, the search for new moves, and the battles to determine the best are all integral parts of tricking and are closely tied to street hip-hop culture. Add a dash of Eastern philosophy of self-discovery through constant physical practice and discipline, and you have a community of amazing, strong, and free-spirited people.

In season [7] the Tricking direction is divided into 2 categories: Advance and Pro.

During the registration phase, the participant shoots and posts a video with an intro and outro to the participant's social media with the hashtags #KARDO, #KARDO7 the video is uploaded to the Personal account as a link to the video uploaded to the cloud disk, as well as a link to an open source in free access (link to the video in the participant's social media)). The link to the disk must be active and the link to the video posted in social media must be available until the end of the Award-Competition. The required material in the form of outros and intros each participant can find in the form of files in the section Resources. This insert is mandatory.

Online selection criteria, tasks and evaluation system for the contest "Competitions"

Make a video with the best combinations and tricks. Duration of the video from 40 seconds to 1 minute 30 seconds.

Evaluation criteria

  1. Complexity (how technically complex the element is; implies the number of turns and kicks in the jump, the complexity of transitions in combinations).
  2. Clarity of execution (quality of each individual element, height, landing, quality of kicking elements).
  3. 3. Style and originality (both original use of techniques and the use of author's elements rarely used, as well as non-standard transitions in combinations). Each of the criteria is evaluated from 0 to 10 points.

The evaluation can only be a round number.

The Expert Council reviews and evaluates the participants' videos, as a result, the list of those who passed to the next stage is published on the official website of the project. For this direction: category Pro – TOP-24, category Advance – TOP-12.

Those who passed the first qualifying stage will receive a creative task and selection criteria for the next stage in their personal account on the project website, as well as duplicated to the email specified by the participant during registration. According to the results of the next stage are selected: category Pro – TOP-4, category Advance – TOP-3.

Participants who have successfully passed the qualifying stages of the contests shall receive certificates of contest participants in electronic form. Participants of the in-person stage of the project (Grand Final) shall receive diplomas of prize-winners (Finalists) and Winners of the Contest in hard copy.

Prizes and Awards:

"Pro": 1st place - 100,000 (one hundred thousand) RUB; 2nd place - 60,000 (sixty thousand) RUB; 3rd place - 40,000 (forty thousand) RUB.

"Advance": 1st place - 30,000 (thirty thousand) RUB; 2nd place - 20,000 (twenty thousand) RUB; 3rd place - 10,000 (ten thousand) RUB.

"Hardest Trick": 25,000 (twenty-five thousand) RUB.

"Swing chain": 15,000 (fifteen thousand) RUB.

Total prize fund of the direction is 300,000 RUB

More complete and detailed information can be found in "Regulation" in the section Documents.





  1. Continuous development. Whether it's a desire to make an element or combination harder, cleaner, or add something conceptually new. The development of the body, mind and spirit comes first

  2. Freedom of expression. There's no clear frameworks as to where tricking ends. You can use absolutely anything you want. There are no limits, they only exist in your head

  3. No kicking - No tricking. Certain elements of tricking have spread widely among different sports. Even in aerobics, people already do cork. But it is the kicks in combinations and rotations that make it clear that we have a tricker in front of us! And no matter how far we go, we stay true to our roots

  4. Community. The tricking community is the only one that truly knows how many tears, sweat and blood have been shed over every move that "looks so easy". This community is as supportive of each other as possible, regardless of athletic level, skin color, religion, etc.

  5. Culture. Starting with the behavior on the mat, where it is obligatory to take off your shoes and make sure not to bump into anyone during the session, and finishing with a handshake after the battles




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