Video contest



At the registration stage, the participant shoots and uploads a video of 1 to 3 minutes in length with an intro and outro to his/her social media with the hashtags #KARDO, #KARDO7 the video is uploaded to the personal account the form of a link to the video uploaded to the cloud disk, as well as in the form of a link to an open source in free access (link to the video in the participant's social media account), this post should cover at least one project direction "Breaking" , "Parkour" , "Freerunning" , "Workout" , "Hip-hop" , "Graffiti" , "Djing" , "Tricking" , "Skateboarding" , "BMX" , "Kickscootering" . The link to the disk must be active and the link to the video posted on social media must be available until the end of the Award-Competition. The necessary material in the form of outro and intro is downloaded by each participant independently from the Award-Competition website. This insertion is mandatory. The video clip shall be in the resolution of 1920x1080 points (pixels).



The maximum number of points for each of the directions is 10 points. The maximum number of points for a video clip is 40 points. The Expert Council reviews and evaluates the material, and according to the results on the official website as well as on the profile of the community in the social network Vkontakte the list of TOP-48 participants is published. TOP-48 participants receive a creative task in their personal account, account, as well as to the e-mail specified by the participant during registration. After the creative task is completed, ТОP-12 participants is published. ТОP-12 participants will receive the creative task for the Grand Final in their personal account.

At the Grand Final, the Expert Council reviews the final works and evaluates the defense of the participants, which takes place in person. The participant defends the project in 3 minutes. The participant is allowed to use a presentation and show backstage footage of the final task, which will also be evaluated by the Expert Council as additional points. The winners of the Video Contest will be announced at the Grand Final after viewing and evaluating the final task.




Nomination "Best Cameraman's Work"100,000 (one hundred thousand) RUB;

Nomination "The Most Original Work"  100,000 (one hundred thousand) RUB;

Nomination "Best Editing"100,000 (one hundred thousand) RUB;

Nomination "Best Director's Work"100,000 (one hundred thousand) RUB;

Grand Prix150 000 (сто пятьдесят тысяч) рублей.





  1. Cameraman's work (composition and frame setting, lighting solutions, correctness of focusing, correctness of frame exposure - absence of overlighting and blockages in the dark);

  2. Video editing (compliance with the basic principles of editing, quality of visual effects, quality of audio effects, color correction);

  3. Director's work (presence of a plot, work with actors, validity of editing decisions, harmony and integrity of the video clip);

  4. Originality (use of different techniques in shooting, editing, sound design).