By throwing off the shackles of templated standards, BMX street and KARDO continue to bring together many thought leaders worldwide, forming a huge community around them.


BMX street at the moment still remains a sport cycling discipline, which still has no official rules, limits and restrictions. Probably due to this fact, the rate of growth of interest to this sports trend among modern youth is not stopping, but only growing.

In season [7] the Bicycle Motocross (BMX) direction is divided into two categories: PRO and Amateur.

During the registration phase, the participant shoots and posts a video with an intro and outro to the participant's social media with the hashtags #KARDO, #KARDO7 the video is uploaded to the personal account as a link to the video uploaded to the cloud disk, as well as a link to an open source in free access (link to the video in the participant's social media)). The link to the disk must be active and the link to the video posted in social media must be available until the end of the Award-Competition. The necessary material in the form of outro and intro each participant downloads independently from the Award-Competition website. This insertion is mandatory. 

Online selection criteria, tasks and evaluation system for the contest "Competitions"

Make and edit a video of the best stunts performed by the participant and captured on camera no earlier than summer 2023 to the present day. The video must contain at least 10 tricks.

Evaluation criteria

  1. Complexity.
  2. Amplitude.
  3. Clarity of execution.

Each trick from the video is evaluated on a 10-point scale using 3 criteria at once. Binding of a compound trick through manuals or fakes will be evaluated as 1 trick with a higher coefficient of points. If the number of tricks in the application is less than 10, then for each "missing" trick will be automatically deducted 10 points from the final protocol.

The Expert Council reviews and evaluates the participants' videos, as a result, the list of those who passed to the next stage is published on the official website of the project. For this direction: category Pro – TOP-24, category Amateur – TOP-12.

Those who passed the first qualifying stage will receive a creative task and selection criteria for the next stage in their personal account on the project website, as well as duplicated to the email specified by the participant during registration. According to the results of the next stage are selected:  category Pro – TOP-4, category Amateur – TOP-3.

Participants who have successfully passed the qualifying stages of the contests shall receive certificates of contest participants in electronic form. Participants of the in-person stage of the project (Grand Final) shall receive diplomas of prize-winners (Finalists) and Winners of the Contest in hard copy.

Prizes and Awards:

Category Pro 1st place – 75,000 (seventy-five thousand) RUB; 2nd place – 55,000 (fifty-five thousand) RUB; 3rd place – 40,000 (forty thousand) RUB; 4th place – 30 000 (thirty thousand) RUB; 5th place – 20,000 (twenty thousand) RUB.

Category Amateur 1st place - 30,000 (thirty thousand) RUB; 2nd place - 20,000 (twenty thousand) RUB; 3rd place – 15 000 (fifteen thousand) RUB; 4th place – 10 000 (ten thousand) RUB; 5th place – 5 000 (five thousand) RUB.

Total prize fund of the direction is 300,000 RUB

More complete and detailed information can be found in "Regulation" in the section documents.





  1. No restrictions. You don't need a skate park to show off your skills. All you need is the street

  2. Challenging yourself. Being one-on-one with the spot, you have no chance of losing to it

  3. Emotions. An irresistible thirst for a new portion of sensation from every new trick that has been done

  4. Traveling and Meeting people. With every new trip, every new city, you meet new people and get to know yourself more and more



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