Parkour is inherent in each of us, that's why it is so understandable and accessible to many people, making it a universal language of communication uniting people from different cities and countries and it is very close to the award of KARDO.


Parkour is the spirit of freedom and a way to express it through overcoming obstacles in an urban environment.

It has its roots in the training system of French soldiers, and as an independent phenomenon parkour was formed at the end of the 20th century in the streets of Paris suburbs.

Despite its applied roots, parkour has become an independent phenomenon and an integral part of street sports and culture. Its basis is the development of skills in overcoming obstacles, which allow to expand not only physical abilities, but also the internal boundaries of a person.

People involved in parkour can no longer look at the city and many things differently in the usual rhythm of life. Parkour has become such a part of everyday life that you can see it not only at festivals and competitions, but also in the movie industry, in video games, on the pages of comic books and on stage during various events.





  1. There are no boundaries - only obstacles
  2. Being strong to be useful
  3. We start together and we finish together
  4. The whole world is your training ground