Hip-Hop in the world of KARDO is about people who live in the rhythm of freedom, inspire and support each other. We are united by the spirit of hip-hop culture and street history, which find its expression in dance.


Hip-hop is the streets of the Bronx, it's style, it's movement, it's rhythm. Hip-hop is freedom.
Hip-hop culture is a relatively young culture, but for those born after the 70s, it has always existed.
In fact, hip-hop unites many directions, which are also presented in the program: this applies to DJing, breaking, and graffiti. If we add rap to this list, we get what are called the four pillars of hip-hop culture. There is also a fifth element — knowledge.

Hip-hop as an independent style of dance developed under the influence of breaking, locking and popping. Therefore, the moves it includes can be seen in different styles, but their combination is what sets hip-hop apart from the rest.
Hip hop is both relaxed and confident sharp movements that flow into more smooth ones; it is a low body posture, relaxed knees, steps and grooves. The powerful energy of hip-hop emphasizes the performance of movements not just to melodic tracks, but to rhythmic beats.

In half a century of its existence, hip-hop has moved from the streets of the Bronx to dance academies and big arenas in numerous countries around the world. The spirit of hip-hop culture unites thousands of amateurs and professionals around the world. Some of them you are sure to see on the KARDO.





  1. Freedom of expression. In dance, music, drawing, or all at once

  2. Life is in every movement. Energetic combination of dance elements to rhythmic beats

  3. History & culture. A young movement that has impacted the lives of millions of people in half a century

  4. Philosophy & Lifestyle. Confident but relaxed on the dance floor and in real life

  5. Globalization. From the streets of the Bronx to the streets of Moscow, Sevastopol, Vladivostok and all the way to Sydney.

  6. Your time to shine. Opportunity to show yourself in action on the KARDO Award