This year's video contest highlighted for KARDO two main characters. They turned out to be Nikita Khryanin and Mikhail Isakov. 

But even the most ideal system sometimes fails - at this moment it is important to be on guard! 

Both guys' works are certainly incredibly strong and stylish. They set a very high bar for the KARDO video contest. For technical reasons, the Grand Prix did not immediately find its owner - but there is power in truth, so we are glad to meet the winner of the video contest KARDO [6] Nikita Khryanin!

Mikhail: «My path to the grand final was paved with vivid emotions. I did not observe the participants in the first two stages, but got to know almost everyone in the third stage. The participants said that two participants are aiming for the Grand Prix - Mikhail Isakov and Nikita Khryanin. Our final works are similar in structure. Talented minds think alike. I am immensely proud of Nikita! We all need to be able to sincerely be happy for people. Truth, justice and kindness!»

Nikita: «The guys had a technical error with their scores, but we quickly resolved the issue. There was a video contest for the first time this year, so difficulties may arise. Misha has a very worthy job, one of the strongest this season! Glad everything fell into place. "KARDO" thank you for your honesty! Power is in the truth!»

Now that everything has been settled, we once again congratulate all the winners on their new titles! The season turned out to be hot. But this is just the beginning. See you in the seventh season of the award-competition of Street Culture and Sports KARDO!