KARDO [7]. The game is on.

We've been waiting for this day, which means it's time to break in: Competition, Video contest and, of course, Award.

11 directions of the streets: breaking, hip-hop, skateboarding, kickscootering, BMX, DJing, workout, tricking, graffiti, parkour, freerunning.

Representatives of street culture from all over the world are ready to make a loud statement and show what they can do. Registration for the first stage of the Competitions and Video Contest is open and will run until April 17, 2024.

Register on the official KARDO website, shoot a video, post it on social media with the hashtags #KARDO #KARDO7, upload the link in your personal account on the KARDO website and break into the game to get into the TOP and reach the finals.

The Grand Final of the 7th Season will be held from August 22 to 25 in Stavropol, Russia.

Look for details and conditions of participation on the website of KARDO.