We expand the boundaries of KARDO and open new opportunities, because this is the start of the 1st season of the All-Russian Competition-Award of Street Culture and Sports KARDO-KIDS!

The total prize fund is 360.000 rubles.

If you are from 7 to 15 years old (inclusive) and you love the Streets as much as we do - then this post is for you.

Your plan of action:

- make a video within the criteria and assignment (for details on each direction, be sure to see on our website in the KARDO-KIDS section), in which you reveal the strengths of your talent and present your skills in the chosen direction and post it to your social network with the hashtags #КАРДОДЕТИ, #КАРДОУЧАСТНИК, #УЛИЦАСЕГОДНЯ 

- by October 31 register on the website KARDO, attach the video and send it to the organizing committee in the form of a link to the source material uploaded to a cloud drive and a link to an open source in free access.

- wait for the result of selection to TOP-6

- if you managed to pass to the tops, then come to Krasnoyarsk on November 23-25 at our expense (and if you didn't manage to pass, then come yourself to the in-person selections) and show everything you are capable of to win the recognition of the Streets.

KARDO-KIDS Season 1 Directions:

Hip-hop, Parkour, Kickscootering (Street), Skateboarding, Workout, Breaking, Tricking, BMX.

See you on the slots, new #KARDOpeople! Let's go!